Financial Controller (Powys)

What do you do at W.Howard? I I am part of the Finance Team, responsible for the day to day finance function of Polyco in Newtown which includes making payments, budgeting, monthly reporting etc.


When did you join W.Howard? July 2023


What do you most enjoy about working at W.Howard? The people, the culture and being part of a business where I feel I am making a difference.


What is your Favourite Product and why? The wall panelling kits, they are a great addition to the product range, simple but effective!


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? My Dad was always a great believer in treating other people how you expect to be treated and that was the one piece of advice he always gave me when I was growing up that has stayed with me all my life and has served me well.


What most recently made you smile? My son trying to explain to me that he does not believe in Santa anymore but is happy to continue to say he does so he can continue to get presents from Santa and Mum and Dad.


Favourite Quote? “Be nice to people on your way up because you'll meet them on your way down"


Interesting fact about me? I was a Welsh and UK tug of war champion in the lightweight 520kg category many years ago and went to Sweden to compete in the World Championships.


Favourite Place? At home on the farm with my husband and son during lambing time, it's the busiest but most rewarding time of year for me.


Favourite Book? Anything my Martina Cole


What was your first job? Unofficially helping my Dad on the farm while growing up after school and at weekends, before taking my first job as an Accounts Assistant when I left college.