Operations Manager

What do you do at W.Howard?  Ultimately, I’m part of a team that helps the business offer and deliver a quality product & service to our customer base, but behind the scenes I lead a strong operations team committed to developing & performing to the best of their abilities, looking for new opportunities to continually improve our operational activities and valued employees.


When did you join W.Howard? A long time ago 😊


What do you most enjoy about working at W.Howard?  Working for a closely knit company that strives to push their boundaries, but enjoy the journey at the same time whilst taking along employees who carry similar values.


What is your Favourite Product? Our Kota brand, it’s a quality finished product that saves on time needing to paint every couple of years!!


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Nothing in life is free!


What most recently made you smile? My youngest son after completing his first competitive swimming time trials, he looked up at me in the viewing gantry, smiling and clenching a fist muttering to himself. Boy against clock, he was in his element.


Favourite Quote: Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!!


Interesting fact about me: I once swam with sharks.


Favourite Place: Jamaica


Favourite Book: A Dickens Anthology, Charles Dickens, not because it’s my best read, but because my late Grandad gave it to me when I was 8 for a good school report. I still have it today; with the heartfelt message he wrote inside it.


What was your first job? Glass collecting in my parent’s club as a child, but panel beating at a car repair garage was my first job after education.