W.Howard Group supports DIY SOS in Bolton

When BBC One’s DIY SOS: The Big Build came to Bolton to help a family in need, they turned to the W.Howard Group for help.

For two weeks in September, the DIY SOS team worked tirelessly at the home of the Taylor-Mann family in Bolton, who needed help to make their house a safe and welcoming place for their son, William.

Nine-year-old William suffers from severe autism and his condition means he is unable to identify dangerous situations. This has resulted in him attempting to climb out of first-floor windows at his home, and he cannot be left unsupervised. He has also left the bathroom taps running numerous times, resulting in flood damage throughout the property.

William’s autism prevents him from talking, which means he communicates through crying or showing distress. This makes it particularly challenging that he shares a bedroom with his sisters Scarlett, aged eight, and one-year-old Penelope.

William’s father Martin Taylor-Mann had started to build an extra bedroom to give the family more space, but financial constraints meant he was unable to complete the work.

The family were chosen for the next episode of DIY SOS: The Big Build, and the team quickly set about building a downstairs extension to the family’s home. The extension included separate bedrooms for the children, a new living area, and a quiet, calm space where William can relax – all including bespoke adaptations to help him better manage his condition. They also carried out work in the rear garden to make it safer for William to play outside.

When it came to the fitting of new skirting and architraves in the extension, the programme approached W.Howard Group, which was only too happy to support the project by supplying all the materials the team needed.

White primed skirting and architraves were supplied for the project, from W.Howard’s premium core range. The contemporary PSE profile complemented the modern style of the home’s new extension, offering simple, clean lines formed from a stable, moisture-resistant MDF material, ensuring there were no knots, warps or defects.

Simon Fleet, Group Commercial Director at W.Howard Group, said: “The work that DIY SOS: The Big Build has carried out will make a huge difference to William and his family, and we were only too happy to donate our products to such a worthy cause. The Taylor-Mann’s are an amazing family and we wish them all the best for the future as they enjoy their newly refurbished home.”