If you’re looking for Shaker-style wall panelling to bring a simple, Arts & Crafts style to your home, or your customer’s home, then why not check out our brand new Shaker Wall Panelling Set?

The latest addition to our popular Wall Panelling range, our Shaker boards are all the same length, so the tradesperson can cut them to exactly the desired size. This allows them to create traditional Shaker squares, or a more contemporary rectangular design, whichever best suits the property’s décor.

The individual boards comprise of a dimensionally stable #MDF core finished with a White Foil Wrap, which can also be stained or painted any colour on site to match the existing look and feel of the room.

Each set contains six boards, which can be fitted using either a hammer and pins, or with adhesive, depending on whichever is easier for the user. The boards are 12mm thick and measure 94mm wide by 2,400mm long.