Create a stunning slatted screen feature on any wall with our new Oak Slatted Wall Panelling Set. Each individual slat consists of a stable MDF core finished with a real wood Oak veneer, giving tradespeople the same look and feel as solid timber with all the benefits of MDF.

Every slat has its own unique characteristics and a slight colour variation to provide the natural finish associated with timber, while also being strong, dimensionally stable and with no warps, defects or knots to contend with on site.

If required, the natural Oak veneer can be stained or painted to match any room’s existing décor, or to create a standout feature wall in any space.

The slats can be fitted quickly and easily using either adhesive, or a hammer and pins, whichever is quicker and easier for the tradesperson.

Our Slatted Wall Set contains eight slats, which together can cover up to 0.5m of wall space, with a suggested 20mm spacing left between each slat.

Each individual slat is 15mm thick and measures 42mm wide by 2,400mm long.