1. World Environment Day Community,Environmental

    World Environment Day

    Since 1973 World Environment Day has been a great opportunity to come together and find new ways to protect the Earth, acting as a global platform for inspiring positive change.   Today, as we celebrate World Environment Day, we want to praise all the great works that are being done within the timber industry to […]

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  2. W.Howard Environmental Efforts Company news,Environmental,Blog Posts

    W.Howard Environmental Efforts

    At W.Howard we’re committed to taking a responsible approach to our environment – and have done for many years. As a responsible business we work as sustainably as possible, always striving to find new ways to reduce our impact on the world around us. By focusing on important environmental standards and working to achieve the […]

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  3. Exciting News - Revolutionising the MDF Industry! Company news,Environmental

    Exciting News - Revolutionising the MDF Industry!

    We are delighted to announce that W.Howard Group Limited have agreed a multi-year licence deal that will help revolutionise the MDF industry! For many years W.Howard has been investing in the development of a unique MDF recycling technology, working closely with MDF Recovery. Research suggests more than 100 million m3 of MDF was produced worldwide in […]

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  4. Celebrating World Environment Day Company news,Events,Environmental,Blog Posts

    Celebrating World Environment Day

    Today we’re celebrating World Environment Day. Like many in the #timber industry, at W.Howard we work hard to promote timber as a sustainable building material that can help reduce carbon emissions and encourage environmentally conscious building practices. Every cubic metre of MDF can hold over 1 tonne of Carbon Dioxide and because MDF is defect free, fewer […]

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  5. Reducing Carbon Emissions Company news,Environmental

    Reducing Carbon Emissions

    New additions make W.Howard fleet even more environmentally friendly. Two new Rigid Trucks have joined the W.Howard Group’s fleet for 2020 in the company’s continuing quest to reduce its carbon emissions. Both trucks have been dressed in W.Howard Group’s striking yellow livery, which is designed to attract attention on the road and raise awareness of […]

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  6. New Biodegradable Packaging Company news,Environmental

    New Biodegradable Packaging

    W.Howard introduces biodegradable packaging. W.Howard has introduced 100% biodegradable wrapping for all its delivered products. There is growing public concern over the country’s use of plastic for packaging, with so much of it ending up in landfill. According to UK charity WRAP (The Waste and Resources Action Programme), around 40% of all the plastic consumed […]

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